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"​the Easiest, Fastest ​way to ​Find, Preview, and ​Snag ​tons of RSS Feeds..."​​​​


Eliminate Hours Wasted Searching for RSS Feeds Manually
Why spend your time looking up websites, and ​searching through mind-numbing raw HTML code looking for the website's feed URL, over and over when RSS FeedFinder can do it for you in just minutes?


Multiple Ways to Fine-Tune Your Feed Search
Search for feeds by keyword and popular feed sources, or cherry pick feeds from specific sites by domain name or URL. Plus, ​target sites publishing newer content using the NEW time-based search-mode feature.


Easily Export Feed Results to a Spreadsheet File
It takes just seconds to export your ​feed search results to a spreadsheet file. ​So easy to ​hand off your search results to your VA's for SEO, curation, or auto-blogging.


No other RSS Feed ​search ​software gives you as many ways to​ find, preview, and ​​​export RSS Feed links for your social media, ​SEO, marketing, curation and so much more​...

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​Search Feeds by Multiple Keywords

​High SEO Value!

​Enter your keywords, and feed source to get high authority feeds from sites actually ranking highly for your keywords right now. Perfect for SEO, Curation or Auto-blogging.

​Search Popular Social Site Feeds

​High SEO Value

​Social Sites have a TON of content and authority, so RSS FeedFinder lets you specifically target feeds from YouTube, Blogs, Tumblr, Pinterest, Feedburner, and Vimeo.

​Search Feeds by Domains/URLs

​NEW in 2.0!

​Have a list of domains or URLs you want to get the feeds for FAST? 

Just enter your URLs list in the keywords box, select "URL" from the feed source box and get the results back in seconds.

​​Search by Recently Published Content

​NEW in 2.0!

​Want to find feeds from sites publishing content on your topic RECENTLY? 

RSS FeedFinder lets you switch ​to search for sites publishing in the last day, week, month or year.

​Easy Feed Preview in Browser

​Easy Previews!

​Want to check out the quality of the content in a feed?

 Just click on the RSS URL ​link and RSS FeedFinder will send it to your default browser to view.


​​1-Click Delete ​Feeds From Results

​NEW in 2.0!

​What if you get a feed back that you just don't like?

If you find feeds that you don't want in your saved results, just Click the "X" to delete them from the data grid before exporting your feeds to CSV.

​​Simple Export Results to CSV Spreadsheet

​EASY Data saving!

​​Found feeds are so easy to save for later-- Just click the "Export" button and give your spreadsheet a file-name and save.


Plus your exports files are ​simple to ​locate again later. ​Click the "folder" icon to be taken straight to them!

​​​Works on MAC and ​Windows Computers


​Due to the magic of Adobe AIR, RSS FeedFinder works seamlessly on both MAC and Windows PC Computers.

*Requires free Adobe AIR Framework to be installed on your computer.

​Plus, Access Our
24/7 Private Members Area


Clear, concise video training located in the members area instantly gets you up and running with the software in minutes.


​Handy RSS Resources section included.  ​Full of links to our pre-vetted "editor's picks" ​of useful plugins and software.


​​Download new software updates, grab your license key and more at any time day or night. ​


What People Are Saying...


​It is saving me a ton of time...

“​Lisa Allen, gotta hand it to you! You've done it again with RSS FeedFinder. It is saving me a ton of time and produces an abundance of feeds to use in any way needed. Great job with this tool and thank you for the recent update.”

​Daniel Calleja​


​Great software​!

“​Great software! Thank you for creating it!”

​Gina Mindock​


​It works... Easy to Use... Period.

“​I bought RSS Feed Finder last week. It works​... easy to use​... period.”

​Alan Redmond

​Here's H​o​w Smart Marketers ​​Like You are ​using RSS Feeds to Automate ​their Businesses​...

Here are just a FEW of the profitable ways RSS Feeds are being used by savvy business owners right now for SEO, Content Curation, Social Media and Market Research.

RSS FeedFinder will help you easily find all the feeds you'll need!

Effortlessly Stay​ Active & Engaged with Fans on Social Media​

  • ​As Google relies more and more on social signals for rankings, keeping your social media accounts active is now more important than ever.
  • ​With authority rss feeds, you can end the time and expense of creating piles and piles of original content, trying to keep up your social media pages.
  • ​Just add the authority feeds you find using RSS FeedFinder to auto-publish on your Facebook profile & pages, Twitter, and more using tools like Buffer or IFTTT.
  • Fans stay engaged with a constant stream of entertaining articles, pictures, and videos, which means your original  content gets that much more social media exposure.


Automatically Refresh Private Blog Network Sites with Daily New Content

  • ​​Maintaining a private blog network so it looks active and natural can be a lot of work, but there is a solution..
  • ​​Authority feeds can help you refresh your PBN's pages with new content automatically, without time-consuming article writing.
  • ​​Just add your authority feeds to your auto-blogging plugins, or use with IFTTT blogging channels to generate new, relevant content every day-- all without lifting a finger after setup.
  • BEST PART: Outbound links to OTHER sites actually hide the footprint of backlinks to your own sites.


Follow Niche News, Spot Trends and Grab Instant, Massive Viral Traffic!

  • ​Trending topics and news send websites that join the conversation early amazing amounts of viral traffic...
  • ​​​Authority RSS feeds let you monitor what's going on in your niche-- you'll see trends starting, and be in on the early traffic wave.
  • ​Curate trending news and react, or create graphics, memes, and articles while the topic is still fresh and in demand.

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